Ships are the key focus and main trasnsport method for players in “sea of thieves”. There are currently only two types of ship within the game, these being the Sloop, and the Galleon.

The Sloops are far faster, and a lot more nimble than the Galleons, however the Galleon carry’s far more firepower, with 8 canons in comparison to the sloops two. The sloop has space for a two man crew with options to pilot solo, the galleon however requires a three to four man crew to operate. It is possible through certain exploits to spawn solo on a galleon, however there immense size and large number of sails makes piloting them almost impossible via this method.

Types of Ships



Ships can be customized through gameplay. Some features that can be customized include the following:


  • Rare has promised to release a new ship type in the summer of 2018.
Ship plans