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Sea of Thieves is a first person action-adventure game. Set in an open world multiplayer environment, you'll be a pirate aboard a ship exploring the seas in search of treasure. Team up with a group of friends to fight against other players and claim your stake in the endless sea! All editors are welcome. Come join our community!

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Getting Started: A Guide to Sea of Thieves
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Getting Started is a quick guide and overview of Sea of Thieves. The game is exclusive to Xbox (One, S, or X) and XBox Play Anywhere (PC requires Windows 10 Anniversary Edition or later). It supports solo, 2-person and 4-person teams. Play with Xbox friends or allow the game to select random players via matchmaking to fill the crew. When a player leaves, another will take their place.

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Everything You Need to Know About Sea of Thieves

Everything You Need to Know About Sea of Thieves

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