Sea of Thieves is an upcoming action adventure game from Rare studios. You are apart of a pirate crew who roams the seas in hopes of finding treasure. Along the way, you'll encounter other pirates and engage in epic battles on the sea and also land.

The game is very stylized and set in the golden age of sailing and pirate-lore. The game's biggest attraction is it's multiplayer feature that allows you and your friends to team up and become a crew of a ship. Engage in naval combat and explore the open waters of this exciting new game!


Set in the first-person perspective, you'll be tasked with navigating a ship, shooting a rifle, repairing, and hordes of other tasks to keep yourself and crew alive.

You can choose your own role and goal. There is no class system! Whether it be plundering treasures, taking on other crews in warfare, or finding the great creatures that lie underneath.

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