Outposts are a type of location in Sea of Thieves. A player will spawn in the tavern at an Outpost at the beginning of a new game, or after scuttling a ship. There are several shops on an outpost including the Equipment Shop and the General Clothing Shop. The Trading Companies are also located here and offer players Voyages and Quests. Outposts are the hubs for players until the reach the Pirate Legend status. There are six outposts in total, with 2 in each region.

After a player returns from adventuring, be sure to turn in loot to the appropriate vendors and restock supplies with the shopkeepers. There are also multiple barrels standing about containing Bananas, Wooden Planks, and Cannonballs that appear to restock themselves over time.

Lists of Shops and Vendors

List of Outposts

Name Coordinates Region
Ancient Spires Outpost V-21 The Ancient Isles
Dagger Tooth Outpost Q-8 The Wilds
Galleon's Grave Outpost X-9 The Wilds
Golden Sands Outpost E-12 The Shores of Plenty
Plunder Outpost M-22 The Ancient Isles
Sanctuary Outpost G-7 The Shores of Plenty