The Kraken is a mythical creature usually mentioned or seen in Pirate-related content.


During the night in Sea of Thieves, an echoing deep noise is heard underwater and above water. This could possibly be the Kraken as it differs immensely from a Whales sound.

As the Kraken appears, the water around the ship will begin to turn dark and murky, your ship will stop moving if not already. The Kraken is capable of destroying ships and damaging players. The best way to defeat the Kraken is by shooting it with the cannons on your ship when it’s mouths are opened.

One tentacle may reach over the ship and "squeeze" it during the attack, causing hull breaches to appear quickly. Players on deck can be sucked into its tentacle maws, where they will take damage -- but shooting the maw (with either cannons or hand weapons) can release the player.

Of the two ships, the Kraken has been observed only attacking Galleons and not Sloops.


  • When speaking to the Merchant Alliance representative about hunting Sharks and Krakens, they sarcastically respond "That's a great idea. I'll bring it up in the next Alliance meeting." Then proceed to point out the hassle of owning such beasts.
  • There are currently no rewards from defeating/fleeing the Kraken. Only an achievement is given to the player after defeating it.