The Galleon is a sailable ship in Sea of Thieves. It possesses three masts and is currently the largest ship in the game. While it cannot maneuver well like the smaller Sloop, the Galleon is unmatched in firepower and speed. It is highly recommended that four players are together when sailing this ship as operating it's sails and anchor take much more time than on the Sloop. This ship is considerably harder to scuttle than the Sloop, as well as having longer survivability when it comes to plundering and raiding.

A good tip while in combat with other Galleons would be to fire the cannons low and puncture the opposing ships lower deck. Hitting the upper decks without damaging the lower deck first is a useless tactic as the ship will only sink when the lower deck is damaged and taking on water. Due to the multiple levels and sheer size of the ship, the Galleon is more difficult to repair.